Education Retirement Program

Purpose of ERP

The Education Retirement Program (ERP) of California is an organization whose main purpose is to provide information for teachers regarding their current pension plan and supplemental options. A majority of the educators we have consulted with have little to no knowledge of how retirement works. ERP representatives volunteer their personal time to help inform educators about how they can retire. No financial products are solicited during our initial ERP meetings.

ERP Representatives may have their own financial practices, where educators can seek more information on available financial products in a separate meeting. No educator is obliged or required to buy financial products in exchange for the financial information ERP provides.

Independent Retirement Advisors

ERP Representatives are not representing or affiliated in any way with CalSTRS/CalPERS. ERP Representatives are not authorized by CalSTRS/CalPERS to a) access members’ retirement accounts, b) give retirement estimates on behalf of CalSTRS/CalPERS, or c) give any information, materials, or recommendations that are not endorsed or approved by CalSTRS/CalPERS.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela -

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Meet Our Team

Cindy Kashiwabara

Certified Representative ERP for California
I am passionate about helping others, dedicated and loyal with excellent work ethic, highly motivated and goal oriented individual who enjoys working in a team environment but also as an individual to achieve their goals.

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